Senior Ad in 2020 Footbal Program

Attention Senior Families,

Attached is the order form for tribute ads in the 2020 football program.

2020 Football Advertisers Form – Senior Ad

Please make sure to submit all orders by August 1st to allow enough time for processing. Thank you!



Charms Password Update and Final Disney Refunds Processed

Updated passwords will be required for Charms – here are the new requirements.

Our treasurer, Christine Foulke, has completed processing all Disney refunds, with the last of checks to be received by July 9th.

Those that requested to have funds forwarded in Charms will see that when we roll over. Christine has every statement in her binder, so if there are any questions please email her (she may have a 72 hour response time.)

Thanks, Christine, for all your time and efforts!



Refunds Coming in June

Refunds are coming

Thanks for your patience.  The boosters did receive the refund check from Bob Rogers, it was in one lump sum.  The task of allocating that money falls on one person, our treasurer, Christine Foulke.  She must reconcile each student’s account sorting out the following details:

  • identify what portion of a student’s fees were covered by fundraising.  To maintain our status as a nonprofit, we cannot refund any money that came in through a fundraising effort. For example, if you earned $100 for selling candy bars, that money will be allocated to future fees as opposed to being refunded.
  • Some families had a blend of scholarship, fundraising, and direct payments, Christine needs time to make the appropriate adjustments to properly allocate refunds.
  • Some students had more than one household contribute to their Disney fees, that along with any fundraising must be taken into account to properly allocate refunds.

This takes time, and she will be using her vacation next week to complete this process.  We hope to begin sending refund checks the week of June 15th.


The Executive Board


New Executive Board and Summer Updates

Congratulations to the newly elected 2020-2021 Executive Board:

As our city has decided to cancel/postpone the 4th of July celebrations, the parade participation of the marching band, the July 4th rehearsals, and the family picnic have been canceled.

The Salvation Army/Camp Swoneky, where band camp takes place,  has made the decision to close the camp for the summer. Mr. Fessler would still  like families to save those dates in hopes of having practice sessions at the school.


Disney Refunds- Need Response from Each Family ASAP

Hi Disney Families,
We have good news for you! The refund from the travel agency has arrived. In preparation for the distribution of the refund money, it is imperative that we receive a response from each student’s family. All emails should be sent to
Here are the options for your responses:
1. Please send the refund money to me. Include name/address where it should be sent.
2. Apply the refund money to my student’s Charms account for future use, such as upcoming registration, future trips, etc.
3. Apply the refund money to a younger sibling’s account for future use. Specify name of younger sibling.
4. Donate a portion or all of the refund money to the general band fund or a specific student’s account.
No refunds will be issued until I have heard from each family. Our treasurer has been working extremely hard in her workplace to help our community during these difficult times, which is why all emails should be directed to me. Please help me to lessen her burden. I will do all I can to support and help her during this process.
Your prompt response will be very helpful so that we can expedite the process.
Stay safe and healthy!
Thank you,
Liz Mueller, Booster President