Student Leadership

We would like to congratulate the following student leaders for the 2017-2018 year:

Officers:  Gabe Dehlendorf, Rachel Ryan, Skye Malcolm, Elizabeth Geil

Drum Majors: Elizabeth Geil and Jaason Buescher

Tentative List of Squad Leaders and Section Leaders (more to be added over the summer)

Section Leaders:
Sophie Gallucci – Flute
Harry Cohn – Clarinet
Oscar Coppola – Clarinet
Philip Chalmers – Alto Sax
Gabe Dehlendorf – Trumpet
Ben Rucker – Horn/Mellophone
John German – Trombone
Skye Malcolm – Baritone

Squad Leaders:
Grace Peterson – Flute
Laken Lee – Flute
Mallory Sharp – Flute
Paige Greenberg – Flute
Emma Wunderlich – Clarinet
Rachel Ryan – Clarinet
Josh Adams – Alto Sax
AJ Cleveland – Tenor Sax
Lillian Gauer – Trumpet
Emily de Jong – Trumpet
Linus Fraley – Trumpet
Clare Driscoll – Trumpet
Alex Larkin – Trumpet
Ben Hey – Horn/Mellophone
Ryan Fisher – Trombone
Griffith Pryce – Trombone
Emma Merchant – Trombone
Andrew Morrison – Tuba
Griffin Young – Tuba
AJ McKitrick – Percussion
Matthew Shepherd – Percussion
Chandler Frenken – Percussion
Skyler Hunt – Percussion