Spring Flowers: Pick up on May 17

Spring Flower Sale:

This is a personal fundraiser. We’ll be partnering with Foertmeyer & Sons to offer premium flowers, plants and herbs.  The quality rivals anything you’d find a Strader’s or Lowes.

Set up your online store and start selling flowers today!  Sales end on April 15th.  Students will make approx. $5 per item sold and will be responsible for pickup and delivery on May 17th.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Set up your student’s online store (instructions below)
  2. Share their store with friends and family (email and social media), they order and pay on-line.
  3. Flowers will be delivered on May 17. You’ll be responsible for picking up your orders and delivering them to your customers. (Location and time to be determined.)

(If you have people that prefer to place orders from the print catalog, they will need to pay by check (made out to UAMB Boosters).  Catalogs will be distributed at school this week. See Catalog Sale info below)


  1. Open the attached pdf called “UAMB Web Sales Codes.”  Look for your student’s name and find their assigned “Web Sale Code.” (If your student’s code is not listed, please email wozello@wowway.com)
  2. Go to www.fundraiseIT.org
  3. Click the green “Online Shopping” button
  4. On the next page, enter your student’s “Web Sale Code”
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to obtain your student’s shopping cart URL. We recommend putting in the parent’s email address when asked. The URL is unique to each student. The URL will display on the screen and be emailed to you.
  6. Share your assigned URL with relatives, friends, and on social media to get all the sales you’d like.

Additional details:

  • Sale will close on April 15
  • To see the orders placed for your student’s account:
    • Go to fundraiseIT.org
    • Click PARENTS
    • View all of the orders placed using your sellers unique url


  • Catalogs will be distributed in your classroom during the next few days.  If you’ve already set up your store via this email, you will not need to do any further setup.
  • If you take any catalog sales, please email the fundraising co-chair, Wal Ozello, at wozello@wowway.com to get access for inputting catalog sales on-line.
  • Collect checks only from your customers.  All checks should be made out to UAMB Boosters.  Checks are due April 15.



For any questions, please email the fundraising co-chair, Wal Ozello, at wozello@wowway.com

Have questions about the plants? Check out a brief description, as well as how to care for them: www.youtube.com/foertmeyerplanttips