Other Fundraising Opportunities

In order to support our March to the Fiesta Bowl (December 2017), we have several fundraisers scheduled. See our 2017 March – June Fundraisers here.

Palle Dinner, May 7th –
Band Parent coordinator is Jan Buescher.

Submarine Sandwich Sales
Band parent coordinator is Angel Pryce.

We definitely need you to pick the subs up from the church Saturday April 29th  late morning/early afternoon–we do not have storage for them. Subs will be bagged individually, please bring bags and/or boxes to carry your subs home–remember they are 16″ long.  We will have some bags/boxes but probably not enough for everyone.
What’s next?
Sign up to help prepare subs on Saturday 29th beginning at 9 am if you are available
–Be ready to pick up your subs on Saturday April 29th around noon (or earlier) at Covenant Presbyterian Church 2070 Ridgecliff Road
–You may pay at time of pickup and then be reimbursed by your customers OR turn money in to me by Thursday May 4th 9pm
–Deliver your subs as soon as possible for maximum freshness and collect the money from customers
–Turn the money in to me by Thursday May 4th at 9pm–you will need to bring it to my house in the evening (Sunday – Thursday). Please do not have your child give sub money to my son, Griffith.

Candy Bar Sales –
*You will purchase a bag of 20 candy bars for $10. (This money will repay the Band Boosters.)
*You will sell the candy bars for $1 each, for a total of $20.
*You will return the money earned to go into your child’s trip account.  At check out you will indicate if you would like to get your $10 investment back for a total of $10 towards your trip, or if you would like to put all $20 in to your trip account.
Questions:  Please email Valarie Kearney at vlkrny@gmail.com or call/text at 614-446-8651