Other Fundraising Opportunities

In order to support our March to the Fiesta Bowl (December 2017), we have several fundraisers scheduled. See what we’ve done so far during our 2017 March – June Fundraisers here.

Alumni Open House, July 2nd.
On Sunday, July 2nd, all available marching band members will report to the Band Room at 1:15pm. The Band will open the awards assembly for Alumni Open House Day at the high school. The performance will occur at 2pm in the cafeteria and will be brief. More details will be discussed during the July 4th parade practices the week of June 26th.
The Band will earn a donation from the Alumni Association for their performance, AND we will be asking alumni for donations to help send our band to the Fiesta Bowl. We appreciate our directors’ and students’ participation in this event; we are making the alumni VERY HAPPY with our participation!

Candy Bar Sales – (on-g0ing)

*You will purchase a bag of 20 candy bars for $10. (This money will repay the Band Boosters.)
*You will sell the candy bars for $1 each, for a total of $20.
*You will return the money earned to go into your child’s trip account.  At check out you will indicate if you would like to get your $10 investment back for a total of $10 towards your trip, or if you would like to put all $20 in to your trip account.
Questions:  Please email Valarie Kearney at vlkrny@gmail.com or call/text at 614-446-8651