Car Wash Fundraiser – June 1st

Our annual car wash fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, June 1st, 9 AM – 3 PM in the parking lot behind Monro Muffler in Tremont Center.

Each band member going to Disney is expected to participate on the day of the car wash, as is an adult from each family. Please sign up for a shift to volunteer.

Don’t miss this great opportunity – 90% of the sales go directly to the student’s travel account (the other 10% goes to buying the car wash materials.)

Please see the information letter here!

Additional details and a letter from Ty McDonald, UAMB Booster fundraising co-chair organizing the car wash, can be found under FUNDRAISING.



Cash Wash Fundraiser – June 3rd.

See informational letter here. This is both an individual account AND group fund event! Earn $$ towards your trip!

Saturday, June 3rd, 9am-3pm
Monroe Muffler
2875 Tremont Rd.

Students and parents need to sign up to volunteer here. Each band member going to the Fiesta Bowl is expected to participate on the day of the car wash as well as an adult from each family. Band members will sell pre-sell car wash tickets. The money from the pre-sale tickets will go into the students individual travel account. Any tips or car washes sold the day of the car wash will be distributed pro-rata to the members participating based on shifts worked on June 3 at the car wash. We understand if you have a previous commitment, but it will take all of us to make this a success! If you are unable to help the day of the car wash, email us to let us know as we will need help distributing flyers around UA.