Time for Uniform Fittings!

Yea!!!!!! It is that time of the year again for getting squeezed into that wool sausage casing known as your Band Uniform. All times are from 4pm to 7:30pm.
Dates: Seniors: 7/23, Juniors: 7/24, Sophomores: 7/25, Freshman: 7/26
students: sign up for uniform fittings here

If you are not able to make your assigned class day we will be setting up a make-up date for after band camp. If you can’t make your class day, but you can make another class day then contact me directly.

We will need volunteers to help with the fitting, and yes this does count as “Service Hours”. We will be supplying food and drink for the volunteers.
students/parents: sign up for volunteering

We desperately need people who can sew. We will need lots of hemming and stitching done. I would like to set up a sewing party during the uniform fitting times. That way everything is right there, everyone is right there, and everyone can visit while they sew.